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Linda B. Mullally 
  A spring bloom of orange, lilac, yellow and red on an emerald carpet of sprouting grasses invites you for a stroll in the rolling hills above the Big Sur coast.  
  A cirque of snowy peaks and a chorus of soft cow bells in a meadow beckon you to explore the Italian Dolomites.  
  A rushing stream laced with ribbons of shimmering gold aspens highlights the trail to an alpine lake at the foot of the majestic Eastern Sierra crest.
  A Zen moment as a pack of wolves floats across the white powder as my skis glide quietly through a cathedral of pines in a northern Canadian forest on a magical winter morning.  
  These moments are my “raison d’être” (reason for being) and I want to share them with you!

TRAVEL  Near and Far      Backpacking in mountain Kingdoms, walking back roads from one village inn to another, bicycling riverside paths, paddling across secluded bays, cruising exotic ports of call and the people with whom I cross paths along the way enrich and inspire me as a citizen of the world.
 DOGSThe journey I call “life”, and the adventures it brings are more exhilarating and comforting with a dog at my side.   What better guide and companion to explore the natural world with than a dog, for his loyalty, instincts and unfaltering affection.
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